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Article: Ways to Style a T-Shirt Dress

Ways to Style a T-Shirt Dress

Ways to Style a T-Shirt Dress

Our T-shirt dresses have been very popular at Kawaii Universe. Each unique in its own way, they can be used in a variety of outfits, making them a great item to add to your closet. T-shirt dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion when paired with the right accessories, making owning even just one a worthwhile investment. If you're thinking about adding some t-shirt dresses to your closet or don't know how to style the ones you already have, keep reading to learn some style tips for the perfect t-shirt dress outfit!


Daytime Looks for a T-Shirt Dress

Whether you're going out for brunch with friends, heading to the office, or just running errands, a t-shirt dress can be a great base item for your outfit. During the hot summer months, pair your t-shirt dress with sneakers for a casual look or flats for a business casual appearance. When it gets a little colder, especially in the fall, your t-shirt dress will look great matched with the right jacket. Jean jackets are a popular choice because they can add texture to your look. For the office, opt for a classy cardigan or fitted jacket.


Nighttime Looks for a T-Shirt Dress

While nighttime looks with a t-shirt dress can be similar, or even identical, to daytime wear, there are ways to dress it up a bit more for a night out on the town. Consider sparkly accessories like belts, earrings, and necklaces. If you want to elevate the look even more, ditch the work flats and sneakers for something with a little more "wow!" Another trendy look would be pairing one of our kawaii leggings with a blazer. This makes your outfit a bold statement and looks perfect for partying it up with friends or going out on an adventurous date. What you wear is up to you, and there's a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to what Kawaii Universe has to offer!


Adding your Favorite Accessories, Shoes, and Handbags!

Because t-shirt dresses are a more simple wardrobe item, there are a lot of options for accessorizing! If you want to add a little shape to your dress, a belt can give it the dimension it needs. Thicker belts highlight the waist, while thinner belts add visual interest. You can even layer multiple skinny belts together. Pair a handbag the same color as the belt for a coordinated look. A monotone color pairing will help bring out the patterns in a Kawaii Universe t-shirt dress. If you don't want a belt but want that waist accentuation, tie a jacket around your waist for a similar effect.

The jewelry and shoes you wear with your t-shirt dress will set the vibe for the entire outfit. Opt for sneakers and minimum jewelry for a casual day out running errands. If you want to dress it up, some flats or nice sandals paired with some jewelry will help you stand out. Because t-shirt dresses can act as a blank slate for your outfit, you really can't go wrong with what types of jewelry and shoes you wear. Just keep in mind that while the t-shirt dress can work in a number of settings, it's best to go with something else for very formal occasions.


Check out the Original Designs at Kawaii Universe

If you're inspired to expand your wardrobe, check out Kawaii Universe! At Kawaii Universe, you can find cute, original designs in a variety of clothing items, including leggings, shorts, shirts, skirts, and, yes, t-shirt dresses too! All our designs appear on multiple pieces, allowing you to mix and match your favorites with ease. Express your unique style by shopping Kawaii Universe for the latest kawaii patterns and prints.

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