How To Dress Up & Style Leggings

How To Dress Up & Style Leggings

Leggings have been considered staple pieces in many a wardrobe and for good reason. In addition to providing another option to wear on the bottom half of an outfit, leggings are extremely versatile. Fortunately, at Kawaii Universe, we carry a wide range of patterned clothing, perfect for adding to your wardrobe. While it may be hard to imagine wearing your leggings outside the gym or your home, leggings can be worn in various settings, including the office, if your work's dress code allows for it. The key is to pick the right pair and style it with the right pieces. Keep reading to learn how to dress up your favorite pair of leggings.

Pairing Solids with Patterns

While mixing and matching patterns can be an exciting way to create new outfits, this fun look works best in casual settings. To make an outfit with leggings dressy, it needs to be more simple. Opt for either your top or leggings to have a pattern. One option is to go for a patterned top and solid-colored leggings, such as black. This color is a staple in professional outfits because of its simple, sharp appearance. Another way to style leggings in a dressy outfit is to pick a solid-colored top and leggings with a simple pattern and/or subdued colors. Bright colors can make for a more casual look, depending on the pattern.

Adding the Right Kinds of Shoes

Sandals can also dress up a pair of Kawaii Universe leggings, but make sure they are dressy sandals. Wearing flip-flops for the beach or pool will make your outfit look more casual, but dressy sandals can work during the summer to add sophistication to your look. Avoid wearing shoes like sneakers, which automatically make most outfits look more casual and sporty.
One of the great things about leggings is their ability to dress up or down depending on your accessories. As with any outfit, the more you dress up the shoes, the more dressy the outfit becomes. There are several ways to dress up leggings using shoes. For example, a classic ballet flat can be a comfortable, timeless option to make an outfit with leggings look professional. Another option is ankle boots, which come in various heel heights depending on your preference. You can pair leggings with heels, such as wedges or mid-height heels, for an elegant look.

Mix and Match Tops and Jackets

Depending on the weather, there is a lot you can do to change up an outfit with leggings. With one of our coats or sweaters, leggings look effortlessly elegant in colder weather. Long sweaters and cardigans give a cozy, effortless look. A sweater dress is another elegant option to pair with leggings during fall and winter. Opt for long blouses or blazers for a professional look for warmer months. The main key to keeping an outfit dressy with leggings is to ensure the top is long enough to cover your backside. Crop tops and shorter shirts will make your outfit look sporty or casual.

Let Your Creativity Show with Kawaii Universe

If you're looking for your next pair of cute leggings, enter the Kawaii Universe. We offer leggings and other wardrobe essentials at Kawaii Universe in cute, anime-style patterns. Shop for single pieces to help expand your closet or create cute outfits. All our patterns come in multiple items, allowing you to easily mix and match your favorites. At Kawaii Universe, we believe in expressing yourself through your clothes. Show off your unique style today with a cute new pair of leggings from Kawaii Universe!

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