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Article: Best Day To Night Outfit Ideas

Best Day To Night Outfit Ideas

Best Day To Night Outfit Ideas

Your workplace or school may require strict dress codes, but what about your activities afterward? Most of us change our outfits completely after our day activities have ended, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Instead of constantly thinking about what to wear, opting for day-to-night outfits can simplify your fashion game without making you look out of place. If you want to know how to make your outfits more versatile, keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to get you started.

Adding Stripes or Polka-dots to Your Outfit

Stripes or polka-dots patterns are a wardrobe basic. They are popular, fun, accessible patterns that combine to add a casual, dressed-down style to any outfit. One way to incorporate stripes or polka-dots is with an overshirt. These shirts can be long-sleeved or short and are usually button-up. During the day, wear one buttoned-up over a T-shirt. Pair with jeans or chinos, depending on the occasion. When it's time to party, unbutton the overshirt, revealing your t-shirt and making it look more casual.

Can you image one of our striking and eye-catching Kawaii Universe jersey T-shirts under a complimentary striped or polka-dotted overshirt? Our compositional fashion patterns also act as a layerable fashion accent or try the opposite! For example, wear one of our many shimmery zip-up bomber jackets or sleek wind-breakers over one of your solid colored shirts or tees, etc.

Another popular way to wear stripes or polka-dots for an outfit is through pants. You can go bold with large dots or wide stripes, or subtle with thinner stripes and smaller polka-dots both for a polished look. These pants can be surprisingly versatile and are easy to dress up and down, depending on what you choose to pair with them. Stripes or polka-dots patterns are great fashion option when used as a button-up shirt but can be worn with one of Kawaii Universe t-shirts when you need a more casual look.

No matter which collection you choose when shopping with Kawaii Universe, our bold and classic patterns amplify your confidence and expand that heart on your sleeve.

Blazers or Jean Jackets with Leggings

You may think leggings are only for working out, walking around town, or chilling at home. The truth is that leggings can be one of your wardrobe's most unifying pieces. Blazers and jean jackets with leggings have become a popular choice for business casual jobs. Opt for our light-compression, high performance structured leggings (or even go for jeggings) and a longer blazer or our custom jean jacket and no one will even notice you decided to wear comfy leggings to the office! Once you take off the blazer or jean jacket, simply tie it around your waist or over your shoulders while you swap it for one of our comfy t-shirts or crop tops. Tah-dah, your outfit will be ready for whatever fun activities you have planned after work.

Swapping Your Sneakers with Sandals

Did you know we have “kicks” (sneakers) at Kawaii Universe? Any of our styles or collections are available from low-tops to high-tops sneakers or slip-on to flip on comfy vibrant sandals and more.

While sneakers can be the perfect shoe for the right occasion, they definitely give your outfit a casual or sporty look that may only sometimes be right for the situation. We have both men’s and women’s sneakers. To quickly change out your look, consider swapping your sneakers for our slip-on sandals. Pairing sandals with your outfit can quickly change up the look from a trip to the grocery store to a night out on the town. The best part about sandals is that you can find them in styles ranging from streetwear to high-end events. Just swapping out your shoes and accessories can make an outfit perfect for both day and night activities. Wear Kawaii Universe’s stylish kicks and sandals to complete your fashion.

You Don't have to Compromise Your Fashion Choice by Going from Day to Night Outfits

Now that you know more ways you can create amazing day-to-night outfits, you might be feeling like your wardrobe needs a refresh. If that's the case, you've come to the right place. At Kawaii Universe, we have the cutest anime-kawaii-themed styles to make expressing yourself and your interests easy, even in day-to-night looks. With a wide range of compositions in a large selection of styles, you can show off your unique style with ease. Browse our selection of shirts, leggings, and activewear today at Kawaii Universe!

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