Swimsuit Trends for 2023

Swimsuit Trends for 2023

Get ready to swim with the hottest swimsuit trends for 2023! When the summer season arrives, that's the perfect time to unveil your newest selection of swimwear and swimsuits. Your beach wardrobe is perfect for showcasing your fashion sense with your favorite colors and patterns. With many options available, choosing the perfect pieces for your swimsuit collection can be challenging. If you're looking for a fresh and trendy swimsuit this summer, continue reading to discover the biggest swimwear trends in 2023.


2023 has brought back a lot of swimwear trends, giving an array of options for stylish swimsuits. Here are some of the most popular trends in swimwear for this year for a beach day, pool party, cruise and all encompassing excursions and vacations.


Rash guards offer great protection from the sun while supporting movement and keeping you stylish. This swimwear option is growing in popularity as it provides something slightly different from your typical swimwear, and extra coverage during athletic exertion. Rash guards are a sleek, fun addition to your swimwear wardrobe. They are functional, flattering and versatile effortlessly transitioning from outdoors to indoors, the pool or beach to excursions and activities. They are worn as sun protectors, but can help protect from scrapes and abrasions. These pieces are for men, women, teens and children, the whole family-all ages and are offered in a wide range of styles. They can be worn with swim bottoms or on top of a swimsuit or pair them with shorts or skirts!



High-waisted bikinis with their retro-inspired look have become super popular in the last few years and you’ll find no shortage of them on the Miami beaches. High-waisted sport bikinis are a great choice for the athletic type, offering a secure and snug fit that is perfect, not only for swimming, but volleyball, surfing, skateboarding and more. It’s the optimal look and choice for outdoor activities and for cooling down poolside. Pick a matching set, or mix up the tops and bottoms for endlessly fun variations on a swimwear must have. These high waisted bikinis offer a cute two-piece option that is chic with sport-grade wearability and functionality.



Fun, bright, and bold prints have always been a great choice for swimwear. They can not only make you safer by increasing your visibility in the water, but fun patterns can also allow you to express yourself in a unique and distinct way that’s playful and captivating . Dress codes at work and school often require you to stick to simple patterns and neutral pallets, but going to the beach or pool doesn't have the same restrictions. At Kawaii Universe, we provide the best options to fit your style. Show off your personality with our playful patterns, vibrant, unique and dynamic, that bring out the best in you!



Pieces with nostalgic elements have become popular for everyday casual wear, including swimwear. Showing off your favorite TV shows, movies, manga, anime and fictional characters on your clothing can give you an emotional boost as you think about how much you enjoy those things every time you see your outfit. Our Kawaii Universe compositions that highlight your childhood favorites give you and everyone around you the feeling of nostalgia, reminding you of the good times and bringing back fun memories.



Whether for a day at the pool, or a beach trip, we've noticed the classic one-piece swimsuits have recently come back into style, and we are here for it! One-piece suits simplify your swimwear maintaining a sleek silhouette that is elegant and charming. These swimsuits can come in fun patterns and colors, allowing you to find the perfect one. Pair your one-piece suit with a cute cover-up or one of our matching sun hat, or wear it by itself for an easy, sophisticated swim attire choice.



The choices of men’s swim shorts fashion have grown with performance and comfort features that can be impressive. Guys of all ages can now partake in fashionable options that are practical, fun and very attractive. At Kawaii Universe we offer quick-dry, recycled fabrics, super soft mesh lining and embedded sun protection in an energizing selection of styles giving you the ability to express yourself in any casual setting.



At Kawaii Universe, we offer a wide selection of cute, anime-inspired swimwear impeccably designed to captivate you every summer. Show off your love for anime and all things cute at the beach, pool, or wherever this summer takes you! Swimwear offers the perfect opportunity to show off your distinct style free from dress codes and restrictions, such as in school or at work. Browse our collection of kawaii (cute) fun, spirited swimwear, and find the perfect swimsuit for your individuality and showcase your unique sense of fashion. Start now! Use our Pinpoint Your Immersion easy shopping feature.

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