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Article: What a KUte Day Whimsical Wednesday - Kawaii Monkey Day

What a KUte Day Whimsical Wednesday - Kawaii Monkey Day

What a KUte Day Whimsical Wednesday - Kawaii Monkey Day

Whismical Wednesday - Kawaii Kappa is a hybrid kreature. In my interpretation, the Kappa is a bit more duck than monkey with a measure of turtle and a dash of human. They inhabit our waterways. Each Kappa (there are eight in KU) experiences a focused emotion!
It’s Monkey Day today, KawaiiYay, so let’s bring out the monkey in the Kappa, the superior hearing, hence, the monkey ears.
We have a barrel of Monkeys, a paddling of ducks, a bale of turtles, a group of humans.…and now a burp of Kappas!!
Do you know how we got to calling a gathering of Kappas a “BURP”? It’s a puzzle I bet you can’t figure out even though the clues are somewhere in these paragraphs.
Well, for one thing Kappas are mischievous and like a Burp, a group of them can come up from the depths unexpectedly…. hahah ... They are known to tickle your toes while you’re swimming and spook the heck out of you. They are mischievous!
No matter how playful a Kappa gets, when you Monkey around with your trash in our ponds, oceans, lakes, rivers or streams THAT is something they’ll never be ok with!
Let’s avoid polluting and keep our waterways clean .. They’ll refrain from spooking us in return.
We love all kreatures, even our prankster Kappas.
!Happy Monkey Day!
Kawaii Universe

Kawaii Universe


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