KUte Community - Kawaii Universe Holiday Giveback with Food In Miami

KUte Community - Kawaii Universe Holiday Giveback with Food In Miami

We’ve been empowered to give back for KUte Community
It just happens to be International Human Solidarity Day  but it occurs everyday in our minds & hearts.
We are
- Donating,
-Packing &
-Delivering enough food to feed approximately 100 families!

We hit gold on these holidays because we found a way where our givebacks to community with efforts and food can go DIRECTLY & INSTANTLY to feeding the poorest of the poor here in Miami.
Not having enough food to feed our children, the weak, sick and old in our families; it’s not just the hunger pangs & physical weakness that set in, it’s the FEAR AND desperation that are part & parcel of poverty.
Yes, select people quietly work night & day to bring comfort & food to our communities everyday, while we live and thrive, work and enjoy this beautiful city!
A “Thank You” to those who help the poor does not pierce the veneer and limitations of language!
…And for us it’s not just a feeling of satisfaction to feed so many families this year, it’s more of a state of humility.

We would like to introduce to you our reusable recycled grocery bags where there is the option to collect one or more for yourself and feed someone else!

Kawaii Universe - Cute Neoverse Reuable Recycled Grocery Bag


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