Why Kawaii?

Kawaii Universe is known for its' Designer / High Quality, Unique imagery and bright vibrant colors with eco-friendly & sustainable production.


Organic/ non-toxic fabrics and vegetable-based inks are used. Even more unique is that every single product is hand-made by ONE designer  from start to finish in America.


Passion for the earth, education & ethical business practices, as well as putting positive energy that makes people light up is what we are all about!


Our production style is about being unique but pioneering "cuteness with a mission" of responsible and mindful consumption.


Let us be nourished and nourish with everything we create and buy without harm. 

- Infinite Choices -

Kawaii Universe offers thousands of meaningful designs with ever-expanding infinite cuteness to choose from.


If you are looking for something specific  contact Kawaii Universe  and we probably have it for you. From pets to food, sushi to sweets, objects to symbols, clocks to "Om", nature and mystical creatures ...


Likewise, we can package most anything and everything into educational and themed formats as desired.


We have Designer products not even listed (hence the infinite universe) such as calendars, sticker books, books, bumper stickers, room design, art installations, murals, pillow cases, & the entire alphabet or numbers!


As well as what is currently listed on the site's shop: removable stickers, macro charms, house or car magnets, and our beloved silky or furry contoured plushies and much more!